Thank you for entering the Beaulieu Challenge, we are incredibly humbled by all the support we have received over the years. We could not host these events without the support you, the public and our event partners have given us. Thank you to all volunteers, trail builders and residents of the surrounding areas. Once loved gear can be dropped at registration on any of the days. This gear is donated to the Diepsloot Mountain Bike Academy as well as Shumbashaba. Thank you for your generosity.


Please take a few moments to read through this email to familiarize yourself with all race information. Please check the Beaulieu Challenge MTB & Trail Run facebook page for any last minute updates.


We look forward to seeing you on Sunday.




Race Pack collection

We have 3 collection days for you:

Friday 7th June -  Kyalami Corner shopping centre - 12h00 – 14h00

Saturday 8th June - Kyalami Corner shopping centre - 09h30 -11h30

Sunday 9th June - Riversands Farm Village - 06h30 – 09h00




Late entries

Late/Line Entries can register at number collection at the times listed above, on the online portal: Late entries will continue to be available at the venue, on race day from 06h30 until 9am. (Cash, Credit Card, SnapScan & Zapper Only). There is a R50 Surcharge on Late Entries. The first race, 12km Traill Run, is off at 8am.




Start times


Trail Run:

12km: 08:00

6km: 08:15

3km: 08:30



45km: 9:00

25km: 9:15

10km: 9:30

5km: 9:45

2km: 10:00




Prize Giving:

We aim to have the results fir the top 3 by 11:30




School Challenge:

Trophies for age group wins and certificates for 2nd and 3rd place




Number board/Running tag placement

Please attach your number board to the front of your bicycle using cable ties. Runners numbers to be pinned to the front of your running top/jersey. You will be required to return the number boards/runners numbers after you cross the finish line. Please allow the staff to clip the boards off your bicycle.



The parking entrance is not the same as last year.

Please follow the posters to get to the parking area at Circle 7.

The exit will also be at circle 7.


Ford Rangers, Toyota Hilux's and Fortuners will have an allocated security area.


Apcan Security will be supplying security guards, reaction team and an anti jamming device on the day. Please don't leave bicycles on your car, rather take them with you to registration, and keep them with you until you leave. The guards will be at the venue for the duration of the event from 6am until 1pm on Sunday 9 June. Should you wish to stay later - you are welcome to move your vehicle closer to the venue and leave it in the parking area at your own risk.



Riversands Farm Village


Riversands Farm is a beautiful piece of land rich in history. It all started in 1947 when Granny LeMay started making her homemade chicken pies. She sold them on the side of William Nicol Drive, in those days still a dirt road. As time passed the farm grew into one of the first free range chicken farms in South Africa. It also had a dairy. As Fourways expanded over the last 15 years, people needed a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The animals moved and the face of the farm changed.


The entrepreneurs on site earn a living with their small businesses. Please observe that only food and drinks bought from our stalls, may be consumed on the premises. And we are greatful for your valued support. Riversands is not only open for events, but on weekends too. Come and join in a relaxed country atmosphere and soak up the ambiance.


We want to be known as a festive place, not a noisy one. We're part of a community. Please respect our neighbours. No ATM on Site. Limited Credit Card Facilities

Route markers


  • All cycling routes and trail running routes are marked out with distance boards and wooden poles with day glow stickers.
  • 45km MTB: Black arrow on a white board with a 45km sticker on the arrow. As confirmation markers, wooden pole with orange day glow sticker on the top off the pole
  • 25km MTB: Black arrow on a white board with a 25km sticker on the arrow. As confirmation markers: wooden pole with orange day glow sticker on the top off the pole
  • Please be aware of the split points and pay attention to the markers
  • 10km MTB: Like2Bike red board. Yellow board with black arrow confirmation markers.
  • 5km MTB: Like2Bike white board. Yellow board with black arrow confirmation markers.
  • 2km MTB: Like2Bike yellow character board.
  • Trail Run 12km: White board with a red arrow and 12km distance sticker. Some boards have trail run wording.
  • Trail Run 6km: White board with a red arrow and 6km distance sticker. Some boards have trail run wording.
  • Trail Run 3km: Purple Like2Bike board with D2 and a little yellow runners and a 3km distance sticker.
  • We have independent riders, with no knowledge of the routes, riding the routes to see if the boards make sense. The responsibility falls strictly on you to follow the course accurately.
  • NEVER CROSS OVER red and white danger tape, don't bunny hop it either, if you cross it you are off course.
  • In places where there is orange and yellow barrier mesh, please don't go through it. It is there to indicate a no-go zone.
  • Where there are trail merge or wrong route boards, please take note and take care.
  • Please listen to the marshals and volunteers and show respect at all times.



Raffa Bike Tech Zones



Raffa Bikes is the tech partner for the Beaulieu Challenge. There will be a gazebo at the start at Riversands Farm Village for any last minute fixes. They will all have a tech zone on route for the 45km and 25km riders. It is located at the waterpoint at the bottom of Bridal Pass Rd.


Children on the longer distances


If under age children are entered on the 45km/25km MTB routes or 12km Trail Run the will have to ride/run with a parent/adult. The onus is on you as the parent to be realistic about what your children are capable of, and the race organization cannot be held responsible for them.


If you don't start or finish the race, please let the time keepers know and hand back your number. Thank you





  • 45km & 25km - Bridal Pass Road, at bottom of the dip
  • 45km and 25km – Helderfontein
  • 45km and 12km RUN – Entrance to American School
  • 10km and 6km RUN – Riversands
  • The water points are run by PTF members and our incredible media partner: MixFm. Thank you to 32Gi who will be sponsoring products and water at the water points. Please stay hydrated!




  • Destinational Medical will be the medic support on the day.
  • There is an emergency contact number on the bottom of the number board, this will phone straight through to the time keepers.
  • Please try to pin point a distance, or land mark, for the medic to be able to get to the correct position.
  • If you see or are aware of a situation, please assist with a phone call to the number at the bottom of your MTB board or log it in with the mySOS app
  • There will be sweepers on bicycles that will follow the course, at the end of the event
  • DOWNLOAD THE mySOS APP FREE OF CHARGE and use it to save a life.


The Beaulieu Challenge event logo will be displayed under the emergency tab. Should you experience any emergency during the event you will be able to contact the event emergency coordinator by pressing the button with the event logo. The event coordinator will receive your details, GPS location and medical details to enable prompt assistance.




Motorbike dads


  • There will be a lead motorbike for the 45km men and 45km ladies MTB race.
  • There will be a sweep motorcycle marshal on route






It may rain, the wind may blow, and the weather will remain unpredictable. We will only cancel the event if it is unsafe to participate ie: lighting, heavy hail, flooding.




Land Owners


Please respect the land owners who have so graciously allowed The Beaulieu Challenge to take place again this year. Without their support and use of their land, the event is not possible. Do not litter or throw your wrappers and papers out on the trails. Please stick them in your pockets or shorts and discard at the venue or water points. Please do not hurl abuse at the farm workers or land owners and take into account that they have live stock that will be skittish. Please take care on the routes out there!




Have a GREAT Run/Ride and thank you for supporting the Beaulieu Challenge 2019!



VIDEO - 2017

The 10th Beaulieu MTB and Trail Run Challenge brought to you by like2bike, will be held at Riversands Farm Village on 9 June 2019. The event includes a 2km, 5km, 10 km, 25km and 45km MTB routes and 12 km,  6 km and 3km trail runs.