Would you like thank our valuable landowners and sponsors for their contributions to make the Beaulieu Challenge out of this world!




32GI  is a leading endurance supplement provider. Our complete focus is providing our customers with high quality balanced and sustainable energy supplements, while empowering them with knowledge of healthier nutrition options.



At 32Gi we understand that not all athletes are created equal. What works for one athlete does not necessarily work for another and each has different requirements. An athlete’s nutrition intake will depend entirely on the kind of session he or she is doing and these are not always performance based. Science has shown that during high intensity exercise glycogen (natural carbohydrate) stores are mainly utilised to provide energy to the muscles. However what about at a controlled pace and intensity where fat can be utilised as a primary energy source. This what makes 32Gi different to others in the world of sports nutrition. We have a keen focus on health. We understand that an athlete has powerful natural energy stores which can be harnessed and this will depend on the way he fuels himself before and during an exercise session. A fast releasing high carbohydrate intake is only required when performing at a very high intensity.


However when an athlete is performing at a controlled pace he has the ability to utilise his fat stores for energy and this can only be done properly by consuming the appropriate types and amounts of carbohydrates and nutrients to support this. Science has demonstrated that a fat efficient athlete will use a larger amount of fat for energy over a range of intensities assisting in more glycogen sparing which is a benefit in endurance sport. 32Gi caters not just for the elite athlete performing at a high intensity, but also for athletes who race socially and those that exercise for health, fitness and weight maintenance. 32Gi utilises a blend of unique carbohydrates to ensure stability whether performing at a low or high intensity. 32Gi’s range is completely designed around the athlete’s unique needs while guiding them to their best fuelling strategy.


APCAN provide our clients with an all-encompassing security solution to ensure that every person on your premises is safe and secure - whether it is the residents of a Golf & Residential Estate, or shoppers visiting your shopping centre.


Our experienced team thoroughly assess each site to determine its unique requirements and possible risks in order to provide a comprehensive cost-effective security solution tailored to your needs.


We offer guarding services to the following sectors





Shopping Centres

Warehousing & Logistics


Gold & Residential Estates

Golf Club


General Inquiries: 087 151 3933


About MixFM


Our frequency reaches Sandton, Randburg, Fourways,Roodepoort, Florida, and parts of Krugersdorp, beyond Lenasia to Hartebeespoortdam and Pretoria, Centurion, Bapsfontein, Tembisa, some parts of Kempton Park, Edenvale, Germiston and the Jhb CBD.


Mix 93.8 FM is a community radio station which seeks to entertain, inspire and inform through programming that reflects the diversity of the community.


Mix 93.8 FM not only plays great music through our talented DJ’s and music specialists, but provides a host of informative shows to inspire educate and inform. The 93.8 team are a group of dedicated individuals who seek to bring a rich and professional sound through to the listeners.


Estimated Listener-ship: through Surveys, competitions and other communication tools: indicates between 180,000 to 200,000 listeners.


LSM 8-10 (LSM = Living Standard Measure) rating, and an Income A-E rating which is classified as a Middle to Upper Income Group.


If you would like to sponsor a show on Mix FM please contact us and we will answer all your questions

RAFFA BIKES was established in 2017.  Rodney Fowler with an abundance of experience in the bicycle industry, discovered the need for a professional and very personal service and maintenance centre for bicycles in the Midrand area of Gauteng.


Although RAFFA BIKES is the new kid on the block, Rodney’s family has a very long history in cycling in South Africa. His father, Bobby Fowler competed very successfully in the 1950’s at the highest level -  silver and bronze medals at the Olympic Games.


Rodney competed in the 1980’s as a professional and Springbok cyclist and his late son, Wesley represented South Africa at three Mountain Bike World Championships.  His son Danny Fowler is still competing very competitively with numerous SA titles to his name.


RAFFA BIKES is about highly skilled and professional people. "People making a difference to your cycling experience.”




Address: 83B Milford Road, Carlswald, Midrand

Tel: 010 224 0316 or 010 224 0414


Sign up Shumbashaba as a beneficiary on your MySchool Card  - or take out a card if you don’t already have one.


Shumbashaba run projects and programs in which horses are helping people to reach their potential as spiritual, physical and emotional beings .. Shumbashaba is not your usual horse programme. It is a not-for-profit community organisation that focusses on how horses can postively impact people and help to change lives for the better.

Shumbashaba’s Horses Helping People programmes reach out and touch the lives of a great many people, the majority of whom come from Diepsloot, a neighbouring township on the northern outskirts of Johannesburg, home to some 250,000 people, where unemployment, poverty and crime are rampant.

People with and without disabilities are welcome to use the services of Shumbashaba. The income earned from private fee-paying clients is an important source of income which contributes towards running our outreach programmes for participants who cannot afford it. The outstanding funds are raised through fundraising events and donations.



Empowering all people through the way of the horse.


Sharon Boyce

E-mail: sharon@shumbashaba.co.za

Cell: 084 500 0672

Mall of Africa



VIDEO - 2017

The 10th Beaulieu MTB and Trail Run Challenge brought to you by like2bike, will be held at Riversands Farm Village on 9 June 2019. The event includes a 2km, 5km, 10 km, 25km and 45km MTB routes and 12 km,  6 km and 3km trail runs.